Samsung T650 Soundbar Review: Good Sound at A Good Price

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This Samsung T650 soundbar review walks you through the features of a three-channel soundbar and its wireless subwoofer. We start by taking this 3.1 audio rig out of the box.

Samsung T650 soundbar review: Unboxing and first looks

The soundbar and its subwoofer ship with two power cables and a power adapter for the main unit. Along with these come a five-foot optical cable, a remote, batteries, a user manual, and wall mount gear.

Samsung T650 soundbar review

With everything out of the box, you should be looking at a 40-inch soundbar with a plastic chassis and a metal grille at the front. The subwoofer is a foot-high wooden cabinet with a plastic top. It has a bass port at the back, along with a power port and a Bluetooth pairing button.

Display and connectivity

A digital LED display shines through the metal mesh at the front of the main unit. This goes a long way to improve your user experience as you operate the soundbar. You can also use the HDMI-ARC port to control the soundbar through the TV.

The back of the T650 has a selection of ports that cover a variety of TV outputs:

  • HDMI-In
  • HDMI-Out with ARC capability
  • Optical port
  • USB port

The soundbar lacks a 3.5mm audio jack for your phone and legacy devices.  It also lacks an Ethernet port, so you’ll have to make do with Bluetooth connectivity. These omissions are not deal-breakers, thanks to the versatility of HDMI.

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Samsung T650 soundbar review:  Hardware and sound

The main unit of the T650 has two side channels and a dedicated center channel. The subwoofer is a large cabinet that houses a front-firing driver and a bass port at the back. Here’s how it all comes together:

1.       Frequency response (sound palette)

The Samsung T650 has a wide sound palette and does an accurate reproduction of adjacent sound frequencies. This translates into distinct sound elements that still manage to blend well. Your favorite treble-heavy track will showcase every treble and mid-range element while striking the perfect balance.

That being said, there’s a limit to how low the subwoofer gets.  Its bass extension goes as low as 47Hz, which is pretty good. Still, you won’t feel that subterranean rumble as the earth starts to split open in the climactic action scene of your favorite movie. The overall sound that comes from the T650 is neutral: Not bass-heavy and not shrill.

2.       Sound stage and surround sound

Being a 40-inch, 3.1 channel soundbar, the Samsung T650 does a good job of filling a room with sound. The side-channels expand the sound-stage past the soundbar’s 40 inches. Its dedicated center channel helps to focus the sound, such that it seems to come from pin-points on the soundstage.  This center channel also helps to enhance dialog, even in a cataclysmic action scene that’s full of loud effects.

Placing the subwoofer in a corner behind you adds some welcome depth to the main unit’s simulation of surround sound.

3.       Peak volume and distortion

At normal volume, the sound remains clean and clear, with no discernible distortion. Peak volume causes some inaccuracy and compression of both bass and treble elements. Still, this is barely noticeable with most types of content.

4.       Sound format support

The Samsung T650 supports Dolby, Dolby digital plus, and DTS formats. The lack of height channels rules out support for Dolby Atmos. Surround sound formats downmix down to stereo that does a convincing job of mimicking true surround.

5.       Audio presets and equalizer

Although the Samsung T650 lacks room correction capability, it has a useful set of features, namely:

  • Bass, treble, and subwoofer adjustment
  • Night mode
  • Dialog enhancement (Smart-Sound)

In place of an equalizer, the soundbar comes with five presets (Game, DTS Virtual-X, Smart-Sound, Surround, and Standard).


  • Solid build
  • Accurate sound reproduction with plenty of detail and definition
  • Minimal distortion at high volume makes for loud, clear sound
  • Useful equalizer presets


  • The subwoofer has limited bass extension
  • No support for Dolby Atmos content
  • A lack of legacy ports for older devices
  • No WiFi or companion app

Samsung T650 soundbar review verdict: Value for money

The verdict of this Samsung T650 soundbar review comes down to two words: Worth it. From its solid built to its ease of use, there’s a lot to like about this soundbar. Click here to learn more about it.

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