Samsung T550 Soundbar Review: Gets the Job Done

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Our Samsung T550 Soundbar review goes over the features and performance of this entry-level sound bar. It allows you to easily upgrade the audio coming out of the weak inbuilt speakers your television came with. It’s easy to set up and use, so you don’t have to be a techie to take your home entertainment audio to the next level.

Let’s get right into our Samsung T550 Soundbar review to see if this audio device gives you adequate value for its price.

Samsung T550 Soundbar review: First thoughts

The T550 isn’t as fancy-looking as its predecessor, the R550. Instead, it comes with a simple design that you would expect to find in pricier soundbars. The front part of the soundbar is covered with a metal grill, while the rest of its chassis is plastic. It’s measurements are 33.9 x 2.2 x 3.4 inches.

Samsung T550 Soundbar review

It comes with a subwoofer that is similar to the one that comes with the R550, but the plastic case has been replaced with a wooden one. It weighs about 12 pounds, and its dimensions are 7.9 x 13.8 x 11.4 inches.

The backside of the T550 has slots of the power cable and audio input from your TV. It also comes with a wall mounting hole underneath so you can mount it to the wall right under the TV if you wish.

The design is minimalistic and feels well-built. The wood on the subwoofer gives it a somewhat elegant look.

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Using the soundbar

The T550 comes with a remote that makes it easy for you to tweak and adjust settings. It comes with volume keys, a power button, settings control, and much more. You can do pretty anything you need to do to set up your audio how you wish without having to touch the physical soundbar or subwoofer. The soundbar also comes with a bunch of buttons that allow you to manage the device. There’s a tiny digital screen on the soundbar that shows you what settings are being adjusted.


The T550 does not have a 3.5 analog jack, but who’s still using those nowadays? It comes with the inputs you need like an optical jack, USB port, HDMI In/Out, and HDMI ARC. All inputs are on the back of the soundbar, giving you easy access to it even if you have it mounted.

The T550 also has Bluetooth pairing capability that allows you to pair up to two devices with the soundbar. It supports DTS Virtual: X and Dolby Digital. Most streaming apps like Netflix use these features.

Audio quality

The T550 gives you balanced audio at an affordable price tag. The subwoofers add adequate deepness and richness to bass, giving you better audio than what most budget soundbars give you. It has more than enough output with 320W. To put things in perspective, mid-tier televisions often come with a pair of 10W speakers. The sound quality remains constant even if you have the volume on max to make things even better.


  • It gives you balanced audio that’s significantly better than what most televisions come with
  • Excellent value for the price
  • Automatically downmixed audio to accommodate it


  • Mediocre surround sound
  • It doesn’t support 4K Passthrough

Samsung T550 Soundbar review: Can’t beat the value

The T550 is a great starter soundbar for anyone who wants better audio than what you get from most televisions. It’s easy to use, and it’s loaded with features that help to enhance audio. With 350W of power, it’s more than enough to keep your guest entertained at your next get-together. Click here to learn more about this soundbar.

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