Onn 5.1 soundbar system review: Lots of Value

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Our Onn 5.1 soundbar system review goes over the features and performance of one of the cheapest TV audio enhancement systems around. This 400-watt soundbar can help make all your onscreen content clearer, louder, and more immersive.

The soundbar system helps you stream music from all your devices whenever you want via Bluetooth wireless technology. The surround sound system creates a dynamic sound experience by using various speakers so that the sound comes from all directions. This helps create a theater experience and is ideal for watching movies in your home theater or entertainment room. Let’s jump right into our Onn 5.1 soundbar system review to see if this sound bar is worth a purchase.

Onn 5.1 soundbar system review: Who is this product designed for?

This soundbar is perfect for people who have a limited budget but would still like a quality product. Despite being simple, this soundbar delivers a great sonic experience and is perfect for anyone who simply wants a reliable and affordable upgrade from the speakers that come with their television. Reviewers have also noted that the audio from this soundbar is very crisp and deep, but that it is more suitable for people in small homes and apartments.

Onn 5.1 soundbar system review

As a bonus, this soundbar is easy to install and use, and it has an simple remote control that makes it easy to enjoy all the features it has to offer.

Product overview

The ONN 5.1 soundbar system features one soundbar, one wireless subwoofer, and two satellite speakers. The soundbar measures 38 inches by 17.98 inches by 10.25 inches and weighs approximately 22.5 pounds, making it lightweight and ideal for use with medium-sized televisions. For connectivity, this soundbar system comes with two power cords, one HDMI cable, one optical cable, one AUX cable, and two RCA cables. Setup is easy, as you simply have to plug in the soundbar and connect it to your television. You can also plug in your subwoofer and connect the satellite speakers to it. You then press the optical or HDMI button on the remote control to select where the sound output is.

The ONN 5.1 soundbar is available in different colors, allowing you to choose the option that works best in your living room. Based on several ONN 5.1 soundbar system reviews, this product is suitable for mixed usage as you can understand dialogue clearly in your favorite TV shows and movies while also enjoying all types of music on it. The soundbar does not struggle to produce deep and low bass sounds, and the soundstage and surround sound system is also very impressive.

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Onn 5.1 soundbar system review: Key features

  1. Bluetooth wireless technology

Bluetooth wireless technology allows you to connect this speaker to your mobile devices. This convenient technology makes it easier for you to stream a show or your favorite song from your phone or tablet. The Bluetooth technology also connects the satellite speakers to the soundbar automatically, reducing the number of wires in your living room for a neater appearance.

  1. Surround sound system

Surround sound system is a technology or technique that enriches the depth of sound reproduced by using various speakers in your home. This soundbar system has one soundbar, one wireless subwoofer, and two satellite speakers that you can place around your living room to create the feeling that sound is coming from all directions for a more immersive acoustic experience. There is also no distortion, and you can play various genres of music clearly. The surround system makes this soundbar more ideal for movies as it creates the sensation that all the action is happening around you.

  1. Easy-to-use remote control

Whether you want to adjust the volume or change settings, the easy-to-use remote control makes it easy for you to take charge of the soundbar’s sonic performance. The remote control is quite minimalistic with all the buttons you need to turn the soundbar on and adjust the treble and bass for the best acoustic experience. The soundbar itself has status lights that blink to let you know that the soundbar has received a command from the remote control.

  1. Cables for connectivity

This soundbar comes with all the cables you need to set it up. According to the various ONN 5.1 soundbar system reviews, this soundbar comes with a manual and the installation instructions are quite clear, even for people who are not particularly tech savvy. It is easy to know which wires go where, and you can place the components in different parts of the room for the best sound.


  • Small and lightweight
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Easy-to-use remote control
  • Includes manual with clear instructions
  • Very reasonably priced
  • Surround sound system for an immersive acoustic experience
  • No distortion with deep and crisp sound


  • More suitable for smaller televisions and smaller rooms
  • Does not include its own mounting screws or bracket
  • The sound is not as loud as other brands or models
  • Onn is a new player into the electronics market so there are concerns about the longevity of their products

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  1. Can I mount this soundbar system?

Yes. All the components are light in weight and mountable. However, this soundbar does not come with a mounting bracket or screw, so you have to purchase them separately.

  1. Is the ONN 5.1 soundbar completely wireless?

No. You have to use a cable to connect the soundbar itself to your television or laptop. However, the soundbar has Bluetooth technology that allows you to pair it with your mobile devices and play your favorite songs or videos.

  1. Are all the cables included?

Yes. This soundbar system comes with all the cables you need to hook it to your television. These cables include HDMI, optical cable, AUX cable and RCA cables.

Onn 5.1 soundbar system review verdict: Surprisingly decent

Onn’s new entry is an excellent soundbar for its price point. The soundbar system offers excellent surround sound performance, and the system has a low bass that allows you to feel the thump and rumble when listening to your favorite songs. Click here to learn more about this soundbar.

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