Klipsch Cinema 400 Soundbar Review: It Gets the Job Done

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Klipsch cinema 400 soundbar review articles are few and far between. So, it’s a good thing that this is one of them.

At a glance, Klipsch products look like a lot of thought goes into their creation. Does the performance of the soundbars match their exterior? We unpack the Klipsch cinema 400 soundbar and find out.

Klipsch cinema 400 soundbar review: Unboxing and first looks

Unpacking should only take a few minutes. Once you get that out of the way, you should be looking at:

  • The main soundbar unit and subwoofer
  • Wooden side-covers for the soundbar
  • Two power cables
  • An HDMI cable
  • Remote and batteries
  • Two keyhole wall-mount brackets and a paper wall-mount pattern
  • Some quarter-inch, 20-thread screws
  • User manual
Klipsch cinema 400 soundbar review

The main unit comes in different sheens of black, ranging from glossy, metal-like plastic to matte fabric at the front of the soundbar. Chrome plastic covers the drivers on each end of the soundbar, creating a silver accent. The top surfaces of these covers are textured to resemble the grain on wood, with the left one holding controls and a small screen.

In contrast, the subwoofer is a wooden affair, with inch-high legs that raise the cabinet off the ground. It has a downward-firing driver on its underside and a power port at its back. You’ll find a pairing button near the power port.

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Controls and connectivity

The top of the soundbar has a row of controls that consist of an input selector, a power button, and a pair of volume buttons. Right above the controls is a screen with an LED display that is easy to understand.

Unfortunately, the placement of the display makes it near-impossible to see as you sit in front of the TV. This all but forces you to rely on the TV to see what’s going on as you operate the soundbar. We recommend using the HDMI-ARC option, which allows you to control the soundbar via the TV.

Klipsch cinema 400 soundbar review: Sound quality

The main unit has two channels that sit on either end of the soundbar. Each channel has a tweeter in the form of Klipsch Tractrix horns that sit at right angles to each other. These tweeters take care of the high-frequency treble.

Next to each tweeter is a three-inch cone woofer that takes care of the mid-range frequency. The soundbar lacks a center channel, leaving the two channels to simulate a virtual center. As for the subwoofer, that has an eight-inch, downward-firing driver that covers the bass frequencies. There’s a bass port next to the driver, which helps to widen the output sound.

Here’s how the hardware performs:

1.       Audio reproduction

The Klipsch cinema 400 soundbar does a good job of producing accurate treble and mid-range frequency. There’s enough detail and definition in the sound to deliver clear voice and treble elements in music. Dialog and voice stand out from the rest of the sound, which is useful when you’re watching an action-packed video.

Bass audio has its limits, as its ‘sound palette’ is narrower than what comes out of the main unit. The manufacturer advertises a frequency range of 35Hz to 20KHz. However, the subwoofer only extends to around 58Hz. That said, this rig will outperform your TV speakers by a mile.

2.       Sound stage and surround sound

The main unit is 40 inches long, which is about the same width as the soundstage. Despite lacking an actual center channel, the soundbar manages to produce sound that seems to come from pin-point locations on the sound stage

As for surround sound, the subwoofer helps to some extent. Placing it in a corner (at no more than 30 meters from the soundbar) will create a more immersive stage. However, this setup only simulates surround sound. It will downgrade surround audio to stereo.

3.       Audio format support, equalizer and audio presets

The Klipsch cinema 400 soundbar supports Dolby digital audio format and not much else. It also lacks an adjustable equalizer. There are three audio presets to choose from: Night mode, dialog mode, and natural mode.


  • Useful LED display that’s easy to understand
  • Clear dialog enhancement
  • Accurate sound reproduction in treble and mid-range frequencies


  • The LED display is at the top of the soundbar, making it hard to see as you watch TV
  • Underwhelming bass
  • No equalizer

Klipsch cinema 400 soundbar review verdict: Good for light usage

There’s one important takeaway from this Klipsch cinema 400 soundbar review: Clear voice that stands out in all audio presets. This makes the soundbar a good fit for the person who consumes lots of dialog-heavy content. Click here to learn more about this device.

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