Best Value Soundbar: BESTISAN 28-inch TV Sound bar Review

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Who knew the best value soundbar would perform so well? A soundbar steps in when the internal speakers of a TV set are only capable of the bare minimum. 

Let’s say that you own a TV with underwhelming speakers and are in the market for a great deal. Is a soundbar that goes for under $100 only supposed to perform marginally better than TV speakers? Or can it exceed expectations to deliver an immersive audio experience? 

Let’s check out what we feel is the best value soundbar; the BESTISAN 28-inch soundbar to find out the answer to both questions.

Exploring the best value soundbar: What’s in the box?

BESTISAN soundbars ship with everything you would need for setup, and then some. Inside the package, you’ll find a remote, AAA batteries, an RCA-3.5mm cable, an optical cable and a power cable. You will also find four screws, a mounting bracket and a mounting template. Lastly, there’s the paperwork which includes a service card, setup instructions and a user manual.


This 28-inch soundbar has great build quality. All three of its surfaces have a slight curve to them, which makes for a sleek, rounded, artistic design. The Bestisan soundbar is encased in high-quality, black plastic with sturdy mesh at the front. You will notice a solitary LED at the very center of the front surface. This LED will change color depending on what you’re doing with the soundbar.

The seams of the soundbar have rubber lining to protect against a fall. For stability, the guys at Bestisan also added rubber feet to the bottom surface of the soundbar. They placed a set of nice-looking controls on the right end of the device. 

As usual, the inputs are at the back, along with an on/off switch and a power port.

best value soundbar

Ports and connectivity: Can the BESTISAN 28-inch double as a hub?

The 28-inch Bestisan soundbar comes with an optical audio port, a pair of L/R auxiliary audio ports and a 3.5mm audio jack. It also has a USB port that you can use to plug in your storage media.

As soundbars go, the Bestisan 28-inch is light on inputs. This is not the type of soundbar that you can use to connect thirty different devices. The lack of HDMI ports limits what the soundbar can do in terms of audio format support and the ability to act as an entertainment hub.

That being said, the soundbar does have Bluetooth 5.0, which allows for robust connectivity with mobile devices or Bluetooth speakers.

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Setup and basic operation

You can mount the soundbar with the help of the mounting template and setup instructions, or you can place it on your TV stand. At 4.1 inches high, the soundbar could obstruct the television’s IR receiver. However, this will only happen if your TV legs are the type that sit low on your tabletop.

After physical installation, simply connect the soundbar to your preferred TV port and power it. The TV will automatically channel audio to the soundbar. Betistan included a user manual to help you decipher the meanings of the different colors that the solitary LED displays. 

The remote has shortcut keys for different inputs and sound presets, which makes the soundbar that much easier to use.

Sound: Drivers

The 28-inch Bestisan soundbar has a pair of three-inch, full-range drivers; each sitting on either end of the soundbar. Each three-inch speaker is fitted with a sound guide of variable curvature, whose role is to enhance bass sound frequencies. One end of this curved pipe is located right beside the three-inch driver. It curves around the driver to terminate at a bass port located on the outer end of the soundbar.

Because the bass port points sideways and outwards, each 3” driver fires forwards as well as sideways, through the side surfaces of the soundbar. The use of this ‘patented curved bass port technology’ allows the soundbar to render a more accurate reproduction of bass frequencies. A pair of one-inch tweeters help to fill out the sound stage with treble frequencies.

Our winner of the best value soundbar contest comes in 40-watt and 90-watt variations. Both variations are fitted with a digital signal processor that executes a few audio presets. Let’s see if the hardware inside this soundbar is capable of reproducing great sound.

Sound quality: Treble, bass and accuracy

As concerns sound quality, accuracy refers to how well a speaker reproduces an input signal. The full-range drivers in the Bestisan 28-inch soundbar can produce peak sound frequencies of around 18KHz. The soundbar uses this range to render distinct and detailed treble.

The bass level of the Betistan 28” soundbar reaches a minimum of  60Hz, which is high for a soundbar that aims to create deep, rumbling bass. That said the curved bass ports do a good job of enhancing the bass. The final result is decent sound with passable bass levels.

Sound quality: Peak volume and distortion

The Bestisan 28” soundbar can get fairly loud at peak levels of up to 95dB. For a budget soundbar, this is impressive. Still, a loud soundbar doesn’t mean much if the sound distorts at high volume. 

In both the 40W and 80W variations this Bestitan 28-inch soundbar renders defined treble at high volume. The bass frequencies tend to merge and lose definition at peak volume.

Sound quality: Audio support

The 28-inch Bestisan offers none of the audio formats that are associated with ARC HDMI ports. Luckily the optical and RCA audio ports allow for high-quality audio.

Sound quality: Audio presets

The people at Bestisan incorporated a digital signal processor into their hardware. This processor allows for three sound presets: Dialog, music and movie. Movie mode is deliberately bass heavy to help recreate sound effects like explosions. This audio preset is the most suitable for music with prominent bass elements.

You can also adjust the bass and treble levels to your liking, independent of audio presets. Let’s go over the main features of this best value soundbar.


  • You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more affordable soundbar
  • Great build quality
  • Comes with mounting gear
  • Fairly good bass for a budget soundbar
  • Little frequency distortion at high volume
  • Sound presets and adjustable bass/treble


  • You’ll have to learn to interpret the solitary LED that serves as the soundbar’s display
  • Limited support for varied audio formats
  • Limited bass capability
  • The soundbar is a little tall to sit in front of most TV sets, so make sure your TV sits at least four inches above the tabletop

Best value soundbar review verdict: It gets the job done

The purpose of a budget soundbar is to improve the quality of sound that comes from your TV. So it’s a good thing that the Bestisan 28-inch soundbar does just that. Read what owners of this soundbar have to say.

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